Monday, July 26, 2010

What a week!

...and I repeat; WHAT A WEEK!!! I'm completely worn out. Let me give ya'll a bit of an outline of what we've been doing, this is going to take a while:
I think it was the 16th we left to go visit family in the upstate (we had some partyin' to do for my cousin's b-day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, B.!). That was a Friday, right? I think so. Anyway...
Mom and Dad left on Saturday to go back home and us kids got to stay for a few days. Dad was chaplain-ing for the music camp close by(around 20 children ended up making professions of faith, sweet!), and Mom just stayed and cleaned the house, but she did a GREAT JOB!
Let's see, we're up to Sunday, ok. Sunday morning littlest bro M. and I went to our Dad's parents church with them. And it just so happens that our Grandad (hey, G-Dad!) is the pastor there. We had a great time. While we were at Little River Baptist, little sis K. and slightly littler bro N. went with our Mom's parents to their church, Hepsibah Baptist where Papa is not the pastor... :)
For Sunday evening we did the old switcheroo. M. and I went to Hepsibah and K. and N. went to Little River. I GOT TO HOLD THE SWEETEST BABY! ...sorry, I love babies...
Monday we went to Stumphouse Mountain Tunnel. Which is a tunnel that had been carved for a railroad that never got done. I think it was because of community protesting. So now, it's just a really dark, wet, creepy, awesome place to visit. I kept wondering if I would meet Gollum when I got to the end (if you don't know about Gollum, he's this creepy little guy from the Lord of the Rings, and my hero ;)). Of course N. delighted in doing his evil laugh and freaking Mimi out. Afterwards, we went to the Botanical Gardens and I got some great flower pictures!

Tuesday: MOVIES! YAY! Mimi and Papa took M. K. cousin C. and I to see Despicable Me! It was fantastic! It's such a family-oriented movie. If you haven't seen it, GO NOW!!! By the way, hi Peanut! :D (This you see below is a wallpaper, I just got this off the Internet. It's also my background.) Now for Wednesday. First of all, breakfast, then Mimi and I go to get my hair cut. It's quite dramatic, as my Mom put it. Dramatic as in, a whole lot shorter; a good two or three inches. What do you think?
Wednesday was also water day at Nana and G-Dad's. The four of us kids (+ one cousin; hey M!) got to play/soak in the little blow-up pool and bruise ourselves on the slip-n-slide until lunchtime. It was lots of fun, but I was sore for several days afterward. I think I'm getting too old for slip-n-slides... NAH!!! ;D

Thursday Mimi and Papa drove us home. The first thing my mother said when I walked in the door: "Wow, that's... dramatic." Apparently she liked my hair. I didn't get any rest Thursday evening either. I had a babysitting job at the church. I enjoyed it though, especially getting my coffee payment afterwards.
If I was hoping to get any rest on Friday, ha! Keep dreaming! Friday evening we had a youth fundraiser for a mountain trip I'm not even going on... yup. It was called Cafe on the Hill. Our church is called Green Hill, get it? Anyhoo... It was a super- fancy event. Break out the black pants, white shirts, and new shoes, we're waiting tables! Yay!
Friday night was spent at a youth leader's house (girls and boys split up, don't worry) and I of course slept on the floor. Thank goodness it wasn't hard wood.
Saturday we all got up after only a few hours sleep and washed cars for another fundraiser. Got home and slept a good 2 to 2 1/2 hours, until almost supper. Man, that was a great nap.
Yesterday and (most of) today were pretty uneventfull. Maybe later I'll tell you what I meant by "most of", but not now. I need to quit wasting you're time. Goodnight all!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Let's see some pics!

As promised, here are some photos of the sweethearts in my life!

Here's little Parker (who is doing very well, thanks to everyone for your prayers).

Here's a picture of the REAL Annie Armstrong! Drumroll, please...

NOT! HA! No really, this is my sweet girl, Annie. Of course she is a Basset Hound. Isn't she so pretty?

Now ya'll know that I can't show off my dog without showing off my cat too. Meet my handsome cat, Lewis John! ...Yes, he has a middle name. Deal with it, he's mine.

Last but definately not least, my littlest brother M. riding a tiger of all things! (We were at the zoo. Duh!)


Hey, everyone!
I'm so sorry, I know it's been a while. Let's see, what have I got to report?
1. The rest of Vacation Bible School went very well. We know of 3 little girls who accepted Christ into their hearts during VBS. YEEHAW!!!
2. The next week, my Dad's cousin and his new wife came to visit. (Hey to Keith and Virginia!) We had a great time with them, and hope to see them again soon.
4. The Sunday that they left, our Mom's parents, Mimi and Papa- came to visit. We had loads of fun, as usual.
5. HAPPY belated FOURTH OF JULY!!! WOOO!!!
Alright, to the present.
The whole family trekked back up to Seneca this morning to visit family again. We are currently at Mimi and Papa's house, lazing about.
Mom, Dad and Annie Armstrong (our Basset Hound) are going back tomorrow, but the four of us kids are staying until Thursday. Please pray that our grandparents remain sane during our visit.
I guess that's about it. I'll be updating soon.
Later days!