Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My computer hates me...

The title says it all. If it's not one thing with Precious, it's another! Oh, well. Nothing for it, I suppose. Hopefully one day I'll figure it out.
Anyway, I wish to apologize to everyone in blogland who has checked my blog only to find that I had not updated since April. However, I believe I do have good reasons for this, the first one being that my computer is wacko. The second reason is that I am wacko :), and lastly, there has been a lot of stuff going on that I don't really want to blog about. Never fear, this is simply because I want to keep my blog and my mood lighthearted and the stuff that's going on is really boring.
Now, I few more things before I wrap up. Because of the aforementioned "boring stuff" my family is in need of prayer. Thanks. One more thing; thank you to Mom who is letting me post this from her computer, Rosie- because of Precious' problem.
Later Days!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Festivities, K's B-Day, and Tylenol

Hello, all!
The title shall be explained in due order. First let me say, what a week!
Saturday, our church had it's Easter Egg Hunt. We had a good many kids show up, the youngest, less than a year - and the oldest(child, that is), around 11 or 12. Poor Micah was still sick, so he couldn't go. It was so much fun, and no, I didn't hunt for eggs. ;) I was appointed the photographer! I took around 180 pictures, and most of them are pretty good if I do say so myself. I've added just a few of them to this post, more will come later, hopefully.
Sunday was my little sis K's birthday! She turned 10 years old, can you believe it? I can't. Of course we also had our special Easter service at church(plus breakfast). The children's choir performed and Katie sang a solo in one of the songs. She did great, we are all so proud of her! (And before any of you grandparent's ask, I did take a video, but my computer won't upload it onto my blog for some reason.) All in all, a great Easter! He is risen, indeed!
Monday and Tuesday were fairly normal, but then yesterday came along. It was my usual Wednesday, busy, but towards the end of the day, while Micah got better, I started feeling bad. About when church started, my voice went. This was no surprise, my sinuses had been bad all day. After a while, my voice got so bad I could barely speak. Some people, with their boundless compassion, started calling me things like Croaky, Froggy and Kirstie Alley(by far, the most insulting).
Today hasn't been much better. My voice is still bad, if not worse, and my head and throat have been hurting, so please say a little prayer for me. Thanks.
Oh, and one more thing. Thanks to all the grandparents for various Easter sweeties. They are good for what ails you. :)
Later days.

Friday, April 15, 2011

...still waiting for the "wiser" part...

Hey everyone!
I have recently received some not-so-subtle hints that someone wants to see birthday photos. Well, here are a few.
I think my favorite is the one of Micah posing. By the way, he took the very unflattering one of me eating. I only put it up because he very much likes to take pictures and I am all for promoting that kind of hobby. :) I've also put up some of my own pictures, not that I'm vain or anything... I hope I'm not vain... Anyway, whether I'm vain or not, I seem to have a strange obsession with flowers, but only taking pictures of them. Weird.
I hope ya'll enjoyed another of my scatter-brained posts,
Later Days!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Year Older...

... And Another Year Wiser... hopefully.
Yep, yesterday was my birthday! It was great! I got to spend the whole day celebrating with my family, just what I wanted. Now, I know the grandparents will want to know every detail, so here you go: After the family present opening we went out to Alanta Bread Company for lunch, which was delicious. To those who have never been to Atlanta Bread, GO NOW!!! Everything there is great, trust me. Then we went to Lifeway and I got a new Bible (a wonderful gift for anyone. When in doubt, get a Bible). Then we went home and rested for a while before church, after which we had hot-fudge cake. My own choice. However, I think we need to quit putting candles on my cakes, it's getting to be a fire hazard. LOL!
All in all, I had a wonderful day. Thanks to my family who made it fun, thanks to Mom, who made it all possible but had no fun all those years ago, and thanks to God for... well, EVERYTHING! :D
God blessed me so much last year, and I know He will continue to bless me and teach me, and I know He will continue to love me.
P.S. Never fear, grandparents, pictures will be posted soon. It's just that my computer hates me today.

Friday, March 4, 2011

He's 5!!!!!

I can't believe it, it's been another eternity since my last post! Oh, well. We've had a lot going on.
As most of you know, littlest bro Micah turned 5 years old on February 15th. I can't be that old, can I? ;) Micah is such a wonderful kid! It's hard for me to believe that the crazy, insanely energetic 5 year old is the same little boy that came 6 weeks too early and had to stay in the NicU for 12 days with tubes and needles stuck all in him. It was terrifying for everyone, but through the grace of GOD he soon got stronger and is now a normal little boy. And now, it will only be by the grace of GOD if we all stay sane during the rearing of said little boy. He's a handful. Anyway, he had a blast playing with the cool little boy stuff he got, such as a Batman playset and action figures (not the creepy Batman stuff). Even us older kids have had fun playing with Micah and his new toys.
The following weekend we got to go back to the upstate for his party. It was loads of fun, but nobody would sit still long enough for me to get good pictures. However, I did get a couple of good ones. Here they are.

Here's one of Mom and UB! Mom hates it, but I think it's great! :D

One other thing before I sign off. As most of you know (being family members), the house we are currently in is a wee bit too small, needing at least one more bedroom and a lot more space besides. Mom and Dad had been looking for a house that would fit our needs and they've found one! It's very nice, with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a sunroom, and a playroom, and that's just the beginning! Dad has signed the lease and we are waiting on the keys to start moving in! We are all so excited, but we certainly need prayer during this moving process. It's not that we're moving far away, just two miles- but the whole thing is still a pain.
Well, thanks for enduring another long, ranty post. Hope it wasn't too boring.
Later Days!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day 2011!!!

Hola, mis amigos!
Can you believe it? Can you believe it's snowing in South Carolina? We have had the best time playing in the snow these past two days. Even our Basset, Annie, who usually hates snow (and baths), but when she saw us rolling and romping in the show, she just had to get in on the fun and rolled and romped with us. There was lots of sledding (resulting in bruises), snowball fights (hardly violent) and picture taking (thanks to Mom and Dad for many of them). I have a few I want to show you, if you care to see them.

Wow, I took a lot of pictures!
Later Days!