Friday, April 15, 2011

...still waiting for the "wiser" part...

Hey everyone!
I have recently received some not-so-subtle hints that someone wants to see birthday photos. Well, here are a few.
I think my favorite is the one of Micah posing. By the way, he took the very unflattering one of me eating. I only put it up because he very much likes to take pictures and I am all for promoting that kind of hobby. :) I've also put up some of my own pictures, not that I'm vain or anything... I hope I'm not vain... Anyway, whether I'm vain or not, I seem to have a strange obsession with flowers, but only taking pictures of them. Weird.
I hope ya'll enjoyed another of my scatter-brained posts,
Later Days!


  1. Love those pics! AND I love my scatter-brained girl :D !

  2. I, too, love the scatter-brained girl. Way to go M. You take pictures of her when you can. LOL E. thank you for the update and the pictures. I know M. will pose anytime you aim a camera at him. I love the posts so keep them coming. Please. Love you all, Mimi.